A comprehensive tool for making price offers to your clients.

in use for more than 4 years
5000 price offers made
over 30 000 products bidding
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The Demand

Sales agents made their price offers to clients in MS Excel.

Among the disadvantages include:

  • Time Consuming
  • Poor co-operation
  • Hard to track

The Solution

An online platform where users have a product nomenclature with all the details needed for an offer: description, price, image.

There are some simple steps to make an offer:

  • Enter customer data or select an existing customer
  • Select the desired products
  • Choose a discount if you want to offer
  • And that's it, the price offer is completed

You can change the product description, the price, the order in the offer, you can group products, multiple currencies, promotions, a lot of possibilities. Simple and efficient, and especially fast.

Technologies used

PHP, MYSQL and Bootstrap

The software was built from scratch for maximum simplicity.