A micro WMS suitable for small to medium warehouses when you want to know exactly the location of goods.

in use for 2 years
800 locations in the warehouse
over 10 000 processed documents
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The Demand

Efficiency is one of the key factors in a business. In case of warehouses, it is represented by the occupancy degree and the ease of operations.

The Lancom warehouse is a warehouse where the products do not have their predefined place, but are in a continuous rearrangement.

In order to have real-time information about the location of products and stocks, it required a software to record all operations.

The Solution

A micro WMS has been built to meet the requirements.

The warehouse was divided into locations and the location for each product was recorded.

All products entering and leaving the warehouse are recorded in the program with the associated location.

When a product moves from one location to another, this operation is recorded in the program.

The result: you can always see where the products are in your warehouse and all the history of operations.

Technologies used

PHP Framework Codeigniter, CSS Framework Bootstrap and Mysql Database.