Email management software. Recommended for sales teams.

in use for 6 months
3800 processed emails
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The Demand

Sales agents had a problem managing emails received through the distribution list.

The requests or problems received through emails were not registered anywhere, it was unknown who will respond to certain emails or if they have already responded.

The Solution

A custom made ticketing system.

Each sales agent has access to a dashboard where he sees all emails received through the distribution list.
There they see the new emails waiting for the answer and if they were assigned to someone.

The workflow is simple:

  • select the email you want to take care
  • you can reply to sender with your contact details
  • you have a to-do list with all emails assigned to you
  • you can add specific addresses to the spame filter

Making of

  • added a new mailbox to distribution list
  • a php script reads all emails in that box and pass them to the spam filter
  • all emails that pass the spam filter are recorded in mysql database
  • using the frameworks Codeigniter 3 and Bootstrap 3, I built the features listed above